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South African brands killing it on Instagram

As I've said before, I love Instagram. I think it's a rad place for people to share their lives and get inspiration from others. I also think it's a great platform for brands to be on. I wrote post a year ago on some of the best brands on Instagram, I thought I'd revisit that post, but look exclusively at South African brands. So here's my list of the South Africa brands whose Instagram game is on point.

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Social Media advice for restaurants

I often see people raving on Instagram or Twitter about how amazing their meal was at this restaurant or that. It's honestly one of the best ways to find places to eat, especially in Cape Town. There's certainly no shortage of restaurants to choose from in this town, but honest reviews from real people on social media are what usually makes me give a place a try. In this light, I'd like to offer some advice to restaurants with regards to social media.

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