Five Youtube channels to subscribe to if you love food


These are the Youtube channels I watch most frequently if I want to learn a technique or be entertained. 


Binging with Babish 

Binging with Babish is one of the best new(ish) Youtube channels I've discovered in the last year. The idea behind the channel is that Andrew Rae (aka Oliver Babish) cooks dishes that have been described or shown in film and TV shows. My favourites are probably the Fish Tacos from I Love You, Man; the Pasta Aglio e Olio from Chef and the Michael Scott Pretzel from TheOffice.

P.S. he also does a basics series that just teaches you cooking techniques, which is great, too.


First We Feast

From Complex Media, comes a food channel that merges culture and cuisine. There are a lot of great shows on the channel but the reason I subbed and the reason I recommend you do too is because of Hot Ones. It's a interview show in which Sean Evans (who happens to be one of the best interviewers I've ever watched) sits down with a celebrity. The twist is that there are ten hot wings infront of the interviewee and host that are covered in progressively hotter sauce. They have to take a bite of a wing before each question and watching the suffering and loss of inhibition is just incredible. By the end of the show, the guests are at such a point of vulnerability that they always end up revealing more than they would have otherwise. My favourite episodes are probably Terry Crews, Steve-O, Gabrielle Union, Dax Shepard, Rachael Ray, Bobby Lee, Key & Peel and so many more.



Munchies is the food channel from the ever so edgy, Vice. It creates a lot of content, a lot of which I don't enjoy, but there's also a lot I love. The How-To series is almost always great, especially if they're being done by Matty Matheson. In fact, I will literally watch everything that features Matty Matheson and you should too. I also love The Pizza Show, hosted by Frank Pinello and pretty much all of the international food guides, particularly the Norway one.


Bon Appétit 

Bon Appétit is the OG food mag. They have a great Youtube channel that's filled with recipes and tips, but my favourite series by far is It's Alive with Brade Leone. Brad is the Test Kitchen manager at Bon Appétit and all-round hilarious character. I'm pretty sure it started out as a series that would focus on fermentation, but it quickly grew into a general interest show and I'm glad it has. He's taught us how to brew your own kombucha, make pickles, craft a knife, make sausages and a lot more. The editing on the show is also great and the rapport between Brad and his cameraman "Vinnie" is a nice touch. 


Alex French Guy Cooking 

Alex is an incredibly enthusiastic Frech dude who is one part cook and one part mad scientist. He does a lot of great tutorials and recipes while also tinkering with and creating kitchen appliances. His accent is wonderful, as is his infectious enthusiasm.