South African brands killing it on Instagram

As I've said before, I love Instagram. I think it's a rad place for people to share their lives and get inspiration from others. I also think it's a great platform for brands to be on. I wrote post just over a year ago on some of the best brands on Instagram, I thought I'd revisit that post, but look exclusively at South African brands. So here's my list of the South Africa brands whose Instagram game is on point.

Dear Rae

Dear Rae are not just great at making beautiful and unique jewellery, they're pretty damn good at Instagram. They're a relatively small jewellery company who work out of a stunning space in the Woodstock Foundry. What I love about their Instagram is how considered it is. It features beautifully shot images of their products, their people and their space.

Full disclosure: I got my fiancée's engagement ring made by Dear Rae and they're making our wedding rings.  


Visit Dear Rae's Website here.




The Creamery 

I will always remember the first ice cream cone I ever got from The Creamery. It was a single scoop of Rosetta Coffee ice cream and HOLY SHIT it was good. Visiting The Creamery on a Sunday is becoming a bit of a ritual for my little family. Their Instagram is just as delicious as their ice cream. It features their ice creams in all of incredible ways they serve it, they creatively introduce new flavours, they introduce some of their staff and show you their various cafés. There's a great visual consistency across their account and it really speaks to the kind of brand they are.

Visit The Creamery's website here.





Nifty 250 

Nifty 250 would be expected to be good at Instagram, given it's the core of their product and they don't disappoint. Nifty are fortunate to have really dedicated customers who love their product. In case you were unaware, Nifty250 are company who take your Instagram photos and print them out, Polaroid style. It's a great service with a great product and great packaging. They've developed a fantastic community on Instagram and set a gold standard for engaging and interacting with their audience. They also have guests who do weekend takeovers of their account, which tend to be compelling to follow along.

Visit Nifty250's website here.



Yuppiechef is a e-commerce site who specialise in kitchen/homeware. They also produce great content on their blog, especially their recipes. They use their Instagram mainly to share their recipes and articles from their blog but they also tastefully feature the products they sell. Aside from the fact that their Instagram is beautiful, it's also pretty useful to follow along.

Visit Yuppiechef's website here.







And Union 

AND UNION is one of the OGs of South African craft beer. They are definitely one of the companies that helped start the craft beer revolution in SA. Their Instagram is mostly about vibe. It give's their brand personality and it honours their Bavarian brewing roots. I think the best thing about their feed is just how beautifully shot all of their images are. 

Visit AND UNION's website here.






I was mostly unaware of Zana until about 6 months ago. When I discovered them, I was so impressed. They're a family run company with a product range that includes decor, accessories, textiles, and furniture. Their designs are instantly recognisable (although there are plenty of ripoffs) and their company is known for incredible quality and customer service. Their Instagram feed is the best showcase of their products and services it could possibly be. 

Visit Zana's website here.








A bit of shameless self-promotion here. Honestly though, I think the strength of Superbalist's Instagram account lies in the quality of the content being produced by the blog, The Way of Us. There are also pretty dope products and categories that are highlighted on a regular basis. 

Visit Superbalist's website here.






GoPro South Africa 

I don't think there's much I have to say about GoPro. I know GoPro is not a South African company, but the local guys have compete control over the account and it's too rad to leave off. This account is the king of user generated content. I think that's the beauty of the GoPro brand, people want to be associated with it. The account is filled with pure badassery. Action sports, pets and every kind of adventure you could imagine.

Visit GoPro's website here



There's a good chance I might have missed a couple really good South African brands who are doing Instagram really well, if you know of any, leave me a comment so I can check them out. Also, I feel like I should say that this list is entirely subjective and I'm not basing it on anything other than MY OPINION of what makes a good Instagram account. If you disagree, that's cool - leave me a comment about why. Finally, I don't profess to be an expert on Instagram. However, it is my job to work on social media and that does require me to analyse and understand what makes an Instagram account effective.

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