Frankie Fenner website redesign


I work at an agency as my full-time job, but occasionally I will take on a passion project as it is nice to branch out and do things that you wouldn’t normally get to do at your desk job. I prefer to only work on brands, and for people who I believe in.

I've worked on a couple of small projects in my spare time, but the first one that I put a really significant amount of time and effort into, is this one. The redesign and rebuild of the Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants website. It is part of a larger digital revamp I'm doing for FFMM, but this is a big portion of the project, which is now completed.

I thought I'd write a quick post to explain what I used to make the website, why I made specific choices and what problems I had to solve. The fundamental thing that needed solving was that FFMM deserved a website that lived up to the brand’s incredible name. To that end, I set myself a few goals:

  • Give the whole website a new, cleaner look and feel.
  • Ensure that the website is beautiful and functional on any device.
  • Redo and finesse the ordering process.
  • Highlight each of the stores that FFMM operates.
  • Launch a blog.

Let me just state upfront that I do not have any coding knowledge beyond some very basic HTML and CSS. So no, I did not build this website from scratch. I use a platform called Squarespace to host all of the websites I run (including this one), and I swear by it. It provides beautiful, responsive and highly customisable templates that you can really shape into whatever you need them to be.

The new Frankie Fenner home page.

The new Frankie Fenner home page.

I emphasised the use of really strong imagery and very a clear user journey, along with a great Squarespace template to take care of the first two goals listed above. The third goal - finessing the order mechanic - was a little trickier to solve.

On the previous FFMM website, you could download the price list as a PDF and then you had to manually email As you can imagine, this was a bit clunky and not ideal. For me - and hopefully for the good people at FFMM - the end goal is to turn the website into a fully fledged commerce platform, but that is a little too lofty of an ambition at this stage. So, the challenge that I faced was taking the previous ordering mechanic and making it work better.

The website is totally responsive and works on every device - even Android ;)

The solve for now is that I've tried to represent the full price list (it's long) by meat categories - meat, lamb, pork - and present an easy ordering form which then automatically sends an email to It also automatically generates entries on a Google sheet, which acts as a log of orders and enables them to keep track of what orders have been fulfilled and are outstanding. If you're a customer of FFMM, please try the ordering process out and let me know if it works for you or if you have any critiques. Give it a look here.

I also created a ‘Stores’ page to highlight the qualities and differences of each of the individual spaces that FFMM operates in. Each has an explanation, a photo, a map and operating hours. Nothing groundbreaking, but vital to explaining the complexities of each store and ensuring that people know what to expect at each store.

Finally, we launched a blog. This will be a collaborative effort between FFMM and myself going forward. I've developed a content strategy that we'll work together to execute.

You can visit the FFMM website here.

I hope you like what I've done, if you don't, please leave a comment or shoot me a mail here - I'd love any constructive feedback.