10 Youtube channels worth subscribing to

Everyone's favourite place to waste time is Youtube. I figure if you're wasting time, you might as well learn something, get motivated or have your mind blown, rather than watching people fail at life or cats being cats. So here's a list of Youtube channels that I think will enrich your life in some small (or significant) way. Obviously it depends on your interests, but I think there'll be a couple channels below that anyone can enjoy.


Vox helps you understand the news. They do focus a lot on American politics, which can be fascinating, but they also do really good explainer videos like, Why Expensive Wine is for Suckers and Proof of Evolution You Can Find On Your Body

CGP Grey

CGP Grey is an educational channel that seeks to explain complex issues and ideas in simple ways. He's a former teacher, so he's pretty good at explaining things in layman's terms. He is also the co-host of one of my favourite podcasts, Hello Internet. Some of my favourite videos of his are You are Two, Zebras vs Horses and The Trouble with Transporters in Star Trek.

Casey Neistat

I usually don't have much time for "vloggers". Casey Neistat is different. He's certainly not the first vlogger, but he's most definitely the best. He has been making Youtube videos a long time. You may have seen Bike Lanes or Make It Count , but he's been vlogging non-stop (as in every single day) for over a year and I've watched every episode. I can assure you, they're all worth watching.

The Football Republic

This is obviously directed at my fellow football fans, but TFR is a channel that obsesses over the beautiful game. They host debates, games and discussions over the latest results, transfers and news from the world of football. I particularly enjoy their segment A Game Of Two Halves, which pits two football Youtubers against each other in a debate over audience submitted questions.


Sometimes mocked for being too edgy for it's own good or trying too hard, I think VICE makes some of the most compelling content on Youtube. A mixture of short and long-form documentaries, VICE has spun off into an entire TV network called VICELAND. Some of my favourite docs from VICE are: The Giants of Iceland, Suicide Forest in Japan and Interview with a Cannibal.


My favourite food channel on Youtube (owned by VICE). Much like its parent channel, it isn't pretentious, it isn't shmancy, it is down-to-earth and filled with recipes, chef/restaurant profiles, city guides and a glut of other content. My favourite video series (maybe on all of Youtube) is Matty Matheson's Keep It Canada, which is now a TV show on VICELAND. Their How-To series is definitely worth perusing.

The Verge

The Verge is probably my favourite website on the internet. Their main focus has always been technology, but over time they've expanded their coverage to include entertainment, science, cars and more. They have a killer video production team, who make some of the best videos on all of those topics on the internet. Some of the best examples of their incredible production are: Pokemon Go: Everything You Need To Know, Apple Watch review and How filmmakers manipulate our emotions using color


The best tech reviews on Youtube. Period.

The Nerdwriter

Clue is in the title. The Nerdwriter is a Youtube channel that published video essays that tackle interesting ideas like why dragons halt progress in Game of Thrones, how Donald Trump answers questions and my personal favourite: Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban - Why it's the Best.


SCIENCE, BITCH! Jokes aside, Veritasium is a channel dedicated to scientific curiosity and education. Some of my favourite videos are: World's Roundest Object, A Walk Around Chernobyl and Surprising Applications of the Magnus Effect.

So that's it. There are ten of my favourite Youtube channels, which I think are worth subscribing to. I realise there will be a couple that a lot of people might not be interested in, but I think everyone should find at least one which they think is worth subscribing to! You may notice that there aren't any South African channels on this list, I guess that's because I don't know of any that I feel strongly enough about to recommend. I have a ton more channels that I subscribe to that didn't make the list, but these are the one's I think are worth mentioning. If you have any suggestions to awesome Youtube channels, please leave me a comment or tweet at me. I always appreciate recommendations. 

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